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Cixi Zhongfa Lamps Co., Ltd.

Outdoor wall lights, LED work lights, motion sensor security lights, LED flood lights, and vapor tight lights

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    No.188, 2nd Xingci Road, Economic Development Zone, Cixi, Zhejiang, China
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Company Profile
Cixi Zhongfa Lamps Co., Ltd. is an established, robust designer and manufacturer of outdoor wall lights, LED work lights, motion sensor security lights, LED flood lights, and vapor tight lights. With well over 20 years of experience in the lighting industry, Zhongfa remains committed to providing creative, innovative, and responsive OEM/ODM solutions that will make a lasting impression on its customers' brands and businesses. The company's broad portfolio of application-optimized, specification-grade outdoor lights that set the industry's benchmarks for cost performance ratio. Zhongfa's innovative LED fixtures continue to redefine the benchmark for both quality and reliability, and deliver superior value to its customers on a consistent basis.

Zhongfa Lamps is a highly-specialized engineering company and manufacturing powerhouse with core competencies in optical, electrical, mechanical engineering and the turnkey development ability to offer complete design, engineering and mass-manufacturing services. Zhongfa's state of the art manufacturing facility covers an area of 100,000 square meters. Virtually every facet of an order fulfilment process is completed in this vertically integrated facility. The company's full-blown engineering and fabrication capabilities start from concept to completion, design to delivery. These in-house capabilities include CAD generated prototyping, 3D printing/modeling, full-scale tool and die developing, metal fabrication, plastic injection molding, PCBA (printed circuit board assembly) fabrication, thermal modelling, automatic power coating, fixture assembly and integrated testing.

Zhongfa's integrated design and manufacturing capabilities ensure consistent control of the entire process for the highest possible quality and the highest level of cost optimization in the shortest possible lead times on even the most challenging custom projects. Zhongfa prides itself in delivering consistent finished product of the highest quality standard. Its confidence in the quality, performance and durability of its products is supported by the verified compliance to third party certification programs including GS, CE, LCIE, BEAB and UL.

By leveraging a unique blend of patented designs, vertical integration and manufacturing excellence, Zhongfa's lighting innovations will be embedded seamlessly into the value chain of its customers. Whatever the need, Zhongfa stays ready to fulfill a solution.
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